A DAO for Semilla Labs
📱Generate dynamic SVG based on device srcset
🛎️ Virtual doorbell to notify Amazon Alexa devices
⏹️ GitHub Action to cancel previous running workflows on push
👨🏽‍🦰Randomly generate dad-style programming jokes
🧚‍♂️Slides from my Tech Talk given on January 23, 2020
👨‍💻 The source code for my website, built with Next.js and hosted on Vercel
👩🏽‍⚕️ Your Patient Has Arrived - replace the legacy Call Button in a waiting room
✅ Check the TLS protocol support of one or more web servers
🖥️ A list of awesome packages and frameworks for implementing javascript applications on the desktop
⚖️ Find the cost of adding a new dependency to your project
💢 A list of breaking changes to the web platform
🌩️ A list of awesome online development environments
📍 Geolocate your team in Slack
⚫ My .bashrc .vimrc etc
⏺️ Capture repro steps with this screen recorder for websites, powered by Electron
🥚 A node.js module to make executing shell cmds a breeze!
⚛️ Boilerplate for isomorphic web app with React server-side rendering in TypeScript
🛡A typed, template module using ES6 Tagged Template Strings with TypeScript
📄 Copy text from browser to clipboard...natively! < 1kB
🍊A student-designed Contact Management System for connecting volunteers and growers
🎖️A turn-based strategy game written in pure Java