I guess I have been busy this last year. It took a year to get some screenshots up but I finally have pages for the few GitHub projects I posted about below.

A lot has happend in the last year and I don't know where to start. I like C#. I don't like ASP.NET. I have to use both at work so I typically write a lot of client-side code (i.e. javascript). Now that most browsers have ECMAScript 5 implemented, I'm already looking forward to ECMAScript 6. Finally we get real Maps and Sets! Here is a compatibility table if you want to see how your browser stacks up. In other news Chromium decided to ditch (or rather fork) WebKit with the new Blink project. This is good for competition but bad for compatibility. At least they will stop the --webkit madness! And the other big event (pun) is that Facebook stole my idea (kindof) for Facebook Time Machine. They call it Facebook Graph Search which might have a better ring to it.