DirectoryLib is open to the public...available on GitHub now!

When developing a new app or tool at Western Digital, we often need a way to authenticate users.Active Directory keeps all this information such as the user's name, email, password, etc. But how can I access this information? What if the user types the wrong password? What about if the user's password is expired? What about if their username changes!?!

Introducing DirectoryLib, the library that lets you talk to Active Directory.

Open Source

Western Digital started an open source policy recently, and my request to open source our DirectoryLib tool has been granted. This is wonderful news because I think open source will greatly improve code quality and reduce the siloed development that happens in different departments. So much of our code is written in-house where few eyes see it, and few people know about the project/library. We have teams solving the same problem and wasting resources. Publishing to nuget will increase visibility and hopefully we can focus our efforts on solving real problems.

Check out DirectoryLib on GitHub!